Mid Murray prepped & primed for SA Khana round

23rd August 2023
By Webmaster

Mid Murray Motorplex, as many who have attended will know, is a mostly flat, but slightly undulating track. The surface is a mixture of Imported Road Base, Red Clay and sandy sections. The high use original tracks hold up very well over the course of an event ensuring vehicles with little to no suspension modification can compete safely for the duration.

Over the weekend of the 19th & 20th of August, a small but extremely hardworking group were able to use (and borrow) lightweight earth-moving equipment to spread clay over sections that had reached the exposed limestone base and spread our own property sourced road base over new tracks in preparation for the SA Khanacross rounds in September, future Autocross events and the Adelaide Hills Rally Special stage in October.

What volunteers have been able to achieve with the budget, the equipment and the time available is nothing short of amazing and highlights sensible, considered leadership from our SDCC committee and Mid Murray Motorplex sub-committee to continue to grow this facility into something grass-roots motorsport fans can be proud of and enjoy for years to come.

Entries close Wednesday, August 30

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