A Khanacross event is an introductory level 'autotest' event, similar to a Motorkhana, but generally conducted on unsealed surfaces and higher speeds are normally achieved. These events offer 'MA' Car Clubs and Competitors the opportunity to conduct and take part in Autotest Level events, in which the essential skills of car control and judgement may be practised under controlled conditions.

As a guide, courses are designed to ensure competing vehicles do not exceed 100km/h at any time during the tests, and that the risk generated by vehicle speed is acceptable, given the circumstances of the event.

A Khanacross test contains a Standing Start 'garage' of 4 metres wide and 10 metres long and a Finish (stopping) garage of the same dimensions.

Information regarding the general event, vehicle and personal requirements are in the links below

2024-auto-test-appendix---khanacross-standing-regulations_231218.pdf (

2023-auto-test-appendix_group-4k-khanacross-technical-regulations.pdf (

SDCC By-Laws (Sections 3 & 4 only)

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